The University

Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur is a multi-faculty affiliating University established under U.G.C. act. The erstwhile Udaipur University was established in the tribal area of Southern Rajasthan with its headquarter at Udaipur. This Agriculture University was turned into a multi-faculty Universirty in 1964 named as University of Udaipur. As a mark of respect in the memory of Late. Shri Mohanlal Sukhadiya, the architect of modern Rajasthan, the University was renamed as Mohanlal Sukhadiya University in 1984. The university has grown phenomenacally since its inception.

The Mission

To make a significant contribution towards international business management thoughts and parctices by imparting management fundamentals to students and making them professionally mature managers and true team leaders. We strive to install modern management thoughts tempered with indians ethos, and endeavor to contribute our best to the world of business management and to the contemporary dynamic socio-economic environment.

From the Desk of Course Director


The global phenomenon of liberalisation has led to a tremendous growth of opportunities. The need of the hour is to produce dynamic minds who can adapt to changing scenario and complex situation.


The department has initiated these programmes in 1995. The M.Com.IB and DIB programmes are designed to give the students managerial ability and a vision to acheive results in a real life situation with atmost dexterity and competence. In other words, our aim is to train professional leaders.


The courses are so structured that they give a cutting age to the students. We are seeking for professional minds. May be you are the right one.